Mobile Customer Activation

Tackle the biggest mistake in customer experience

The last mile of customer communications

You’ve worked hard to earn each one of your customers. But what happens from here on is the hardest, but most profitable part.

You need to interact with hundreds of thousands of individual customers through the channels they trust, with personal, relevant messages that weld them even more closely to your business. That’s how you inspire people to take the actions that send your KPIs soaring.

What you can’t do is to treat customers as if they were prospects

It sends churn rates soaring and tanks your customer satisfaction scores.

What you need is a better way.

And you’ve just found it.

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Mobile Customer Activation is what we do


We drive results for people who want their customers  to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something. We deliver exactly the right messages, at the right time, in mobile channels they trust.


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Your last customer is more important than your next

Supercharge your marketing stack for customer communication.


Wiraya uses machine learning to send exactly the right messages to exactly the right customers, through the mobile channels they trust, at exactly the right time, automatically.

It slots right in to your existing set-up, using your CRM data and campaign manager to learn how each customer prefers to be reached.

Then, automatically, it sends out the optimum mix of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers at scale.


Treating customers like prospects is a dangerous game.

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It’s guaranteed to boost your most critical KPIs:

  • Onboarding customers
  • Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Reducing churn
  • Winning customers back



We call it Mobile Customer Activation, and it’s changing the way you interact with your customers.

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