About Wiraya

Wiraya is a Managed Mobile Customer Activation software that dramatically improves your customer experience KPIs. It uses data-driven insights to generate the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers. Whenever you need your customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something, it’s guaranteed to improve the metrics that matter to your business.


Wiraya was awarded a distinction in the Rising Stars as number two of the fastest growing companies in Sweden following a growth of 642% (2009-2011).


Characterized as Sweden's eighth fastest-growing technology companies in accordance Fast 50 (Deloitte). Wiraya show profitability despite the rapid growth rate.


The owners choose to invest capital to further accelerate development, and we grow from 10 to 22 talented employees and again increases the growth rate.


Growth rate exceeds 80% during 2016 which means we're one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe. We're now nearly 40 employees. Also expanding to UK and opens an office in London.


Introducing AI in our product increasing our customers' conversion rates even further. We continue to grow. One of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Sweden according to Deloitte, with a turnover of 47 MSEK and 45 employees.


European Commission awards Wiraya €2 million to stimulate artificial intelligence innovation in Europe. Moving in to a brand new office at the heart of Stockholm (Stureplan) to host the rapidly growing fantastic Wiraya-team.

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Executive Team

Johan Jardevall CEO
Thorbjörn Frisk VP Engineering
thorbjorn.frisk@wiraya.com +46 (0)73 023 32 30