About Wiraya

Wiraya is a Managed Mobile Customer Activation software that dramatically improves your customer experience KPIs. It uses data-driven insights to generate the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers. Whenever you need your customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something, it’s guaranteed to improve the metrics that matter to your business.


Wiraya was awarded a distinction in the Rising Stars as number two of the fastest growing companies in Sweden following a growth of 642% (2009-2011).


A year of continued strong growth and the majority of projects delivered, all of which proved given the very large effect on the bottom line for our customers.


Nominated along with the agency Gadd and client If the contest Golden Key (www.guldnyckeln.se).


Characterized as Sweden's eighth fastest-growing technology companies in accordance Fast 50 (Deloitte). Wiraya show profitability despite the rapid growth rate.


During the year, the owners choose to invest capital to further accelerate development, and we grow from 10 to 22 talented employees and again increases the growth rate.


We recruit several top talents in marketing, product, sales, development and customer success. Among others with backgrounds from iZettle, Salesforce, Groupon & EPiServer.

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info@wiraya.com +46 (0)8 519 591 00

Executive Team

Karl Sjöborg Head of Sales
karl.sjoborg@wiraya.com +46 (0) 768 65 19 05
Tom Stenius Head of Product
tom.stenius@wiraya.com +46 (0)70 777 47 42

Charlotte Banning Head of Marketing
charlotte.banning@wiraya.com +46 (0) 72 225 17 14
Sebastian Dedering Head of Customer Success
sebastian.dedering@wiraya.com +46 (0) 76 327 88 81
Sam Madden Commercial Director UK & Ireland
sam.madden@wiraya.com +44 (0) 74 9605 4742

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Wiraya believes that magnificent people create stunning results! We want to build a company with the best high performers available. High performers (A Players) contribute more, innovate more, work smarter, earn more trust, display more resourcefulness, take more initiative, develop better business strategies, articulate their vision more passionately, implement change more effectively, deliver higher-quality work, demonstrate greater teamwork, prevent more problems, attract more A Players, and find ways to get the job done in less time with less cost.

If you are among the few true A Player and want to join an exciting journey please browse the open position and see if we´re looking for your profile. Or give us a call so that we know you when more positions would be open further on.


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