Are you among the 'seekers' or 'the driven' companies in digitalisation? Test yourself!

Charlotte Banning - Head of Marketing Friday, November 23, 2018

Marketing managers: Compare your digital maturity with other companies.

How can you increase profitability and take the digitalisation to the next level?

Among our interviewed companies, the majority were in two phases, which we chose to name the applicant and the insightful phase. Only a few companies scored high in all areas. We found that the most important factor for success is a clear strategy, transformed throughout the organisation where all areas are evaluated and optimised.

How are you in digital maturity? Are you among the 'seekers' or 'the driven' companies in digitalisation? 


There are many marketing de­partments working for traditional companies that currently have a profitable business but have only just begun its journey to change. Many companies have begun or completed the strategy but have had difficulty in creating a process of change.

The major challenge is that the current business requires a clear focus on maintaining profitability while recognising that there will be major changes in the organisation’s current way of working in order to continue to be successful. Market­ing managers are unsure of what they need in system support or data, and therefore have difficulty setting up requirement specifica­tions, even if they have the oppor­tunity.


Here, many of the tech companies are categorised, many of whom had just left the start-up phase behind them. Even traditional companies that have set up separate digital departments are positioned here. The companies have system sup­port in place and work in customer workflow processes. Marketing fo­cusses large on a digital approach.

Even though marketing leaders feel they are on the right track, they feel significantly less confident in terms of Martech strategy, process­es, data and analysis than compa­nies in the search phase do. Some also express concerns that the company will be outrun by com­petitors or that other parts of the company do not understand the level of investment required.


A few companies put themselves high in all areas. A distinctive man­date for all these companies was a clearly implemented strategy and a focus in all areas.

Their organisations were clearly changing and with great con­fidence. Their technology was referred to as an enabler and often an advantage over their competi­tors. Often these marketing manag­ers also had sales responsibility for the business, controlling both business and customer benefit to maximise profitability.

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1. Strategy - An enabler or disabler?

2. Organisation and processes - Focus on the customer journey

3. Data and analysis - The analyst is the market lesders most sought after colleague

4. Technology and system support - 'Martech' is still an unknown term for many

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