Marketing leaders' views on Martech:
2. Organisation and processes

Charlotte Banning - Head of Marketing Sunday, January 6, 2019

Focus on the customer journey!

There are 4 key areas to take your digitalisation work to the next level.

Wiraya and Odyssey, suppliers in Martech have interviewed market leaders about four key areas of Marketing Tech to investigate their digital maturity in strategy, organisation/processes, data/analysis and system support. 

This is how marketing managers work with organisation and processes. 

None of the market leaders feel that they have an optimal organisation to work efficiently with the new technology. This is not because of lack of expertise in the technology itself, but rather due to lack of processes and working methods in order to be able to work more customer-focused. 

Those who have come the furthest have creat­ed cross-functional teams and processes in their business, based on customer journeys. Yet most companies are still stuck in silos. It takes time to reposition their market organisation, especially those with older structures, old legacy systems and regulatory challenges.

Even if the management have decided on a clear approach in a digital transformation, this still takes time to implement.

Most companies we interviewed lack analytics capa­bility, such skills are rated high on marketing depart­ments wish lists. None of the businesses consider themselves to have the capacity today to be able to work with or im­plement Marketing Tech fully. We see that develop­ment and maturity depends on the skills immediately available.

The companies that focused on processes have done so at the expense of other activities. We also see a trend that in the marketing departments they want more skills in-house, rather than outsourcing. You work in a less campaign-oriented way and need staff who work continuously with, for example, com­munication and content to reach customers quickly. It is also required to increase relevance and to be more responsive to the customer's needs. 


- Create a customer journey map that everyone can work towards. Then it’s easier to get the organisation moving in the same direction and creating processes that enhance customer experience.

- Be sure to have an organisation that is fast-moving and can change as quickly as needed. The agile meth­odology is key and works well across deparments.

- If you lack analytical competence, seek help from outside. Either from consulting companies or by providing technology that can process and ana­lyse data for you.

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4. Technology and system support - 'Martech' is still an unknown term for many

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