Customer Obsession Day


Customer Obsessed leaders meet and discuss how Customer Experience create growth and profitability.
This packed conference day is filled with inspirational speakers, latest trends in customer communication, 
release of CRM Barometer report 2018, customer cases, networking and more!


Get Customer Obsessed!

On Customer Obsession Day the result of CRM Barometer 2018 is presented. This year we focused more than ever before on how to deliver real customer value from a consumer perspective. As Customer Experience has become the main competitive advantage, the responsibility of the customer is now moving from CRM and Marketing departments to involve the entire organization.  So what do you as a Customer Obsessed leader need to think about in this transformation? And how do you get your organization and management on board?

Be inspired and learn from some of Sweden's most experienced people in this area and get insights from industry examples.

April 25, Skandiascenen, Stockholm.


"Without a doubt the most relevant CX event in Sweden"

Let's Get Inspired

Marry Customer Value with Increased Revenue to convince Top Management

Best practice from Nordnet. The winner of “Årets Bank 2017” visits Customer Obsession Day to share insights on how Customer Value together with a good understanding of your business model and revenue streams is the winning combination to move your business forward. Learn how to speak the language of top management and increase the likelihood of getting all stakeholders onboard!

Speaker: Anders Danielsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Nordnet. Anders is a member of Nordnet’s management team with a long experience from Sales and Business Development. He is interested in disruptive business models and passionate about how consumer behavior combined with new technology can enable new business opportunities.

How Emotions Affect Consumers' Purchase Decisions and Why You Should Care!

Did you know that more than 90 percent of all purchase decisions are taken unconsciously and not on logical and conscious choices? How can you affect your customers' feelings about your brand in all contact points throughout the customer journey? How do you make sure you’re selected at an early stage in the customer's purchase? What's really the difference that makes a difference, where the customer pays more, stays longer and recommends you to friends and colleagues? 

We welcome Joakim Thörn, one of Sweden's leading specialists in Customer Experience. Joakim is a sought after lecturer and C-level advisor, and co-founder of - A Customer Experience Transformation Company. Joakim has helped companies such as Vattenfall, IKEA, Comviq, Tele2 and IKANO Bank to make a difference with customer experiences as the ultimate differentiator. 

From Silos to Journeys – SAS Digital Marketing Transformation

Best practise! Get behind the scenes as Malin Nygren & Lena Pierre how SAS built a data-driven & customer-centric marketing organization creating business & customer value along the customer journey. The last two years, the business transformation agency Re: and Scandinavian Airlines have worked side by side, building strategy, data capabilities & new ways of working supporting SAS goal towards becoming a true personalization & omni-channel executer. 

Malin Nygren is Head of Global Customer Development & Analytics at Scandinavian Airlines. For more than 15 years, Malin has built CRM strategies and tactics for brands such as SJ, Coop and SAS. 

Lena Pierre is Partner & Transformation Consultant at Re: - helping clients Re:Think, Re:Design & Re:Make their customer interactions and ways of working. 

The best practices from SAS, Nordnet, Vattenfall, Scandic & Bixia, release of CRM Barometern 2018, keynote presentations and more!

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About the CRM Barometer: Sweden’s largest, and only, industry study focusing on how to work strategically with existing customers.

Wiraya organizes for the fourth consecutive year the CRM Barometer together with partners. This year CRM Barometer goes Customer Obsessed! The CRM departments' customer focus has spread and now affects the entire organization and we hope to gather every customer obsessed leader at the event regardless of their title with the mission is to inspire the CX & CRM community how to lead the way towards a customer obsessed organization. 


Our definition of CRM is that CRM is a business strategy combined with technology to effectively manage the entire customer life cycle.

The CRM Barometer initiative has been extremely appreciated over the years and is now among the largest events in the Nordics on this topic.