Now it’s time to get Customer Obsessed, for real.

Welcome back to CRM Barometer 2018. This year we’ll focus more than ever before on how to deliver real customer value from a consumer perspective. As Customer Experience has become the main competitive advantage the responsibility of the customer is now moving from CRM and Marketing departments to involve the entire organization. So what do you as a Customer Obsessed leader need to think about in this transformation? And how do you get your organization and management on board?

Oskar Klingberg, CEO, Wiraya.

Keynote: How Emotions Affect Consumers' Purchase Decisions and Why You Should Care!

More than 90 percent of all purchase decisions are taken unconsciously and not on logical and conscious choices. How can you affect your customers' feelings about your brand in all contact points throughout the customer journey? How do you make sure you’re selected at an early stage in the customer's purchase? What's really the difference that makes a difference, where the customer pays more, stays longer and recommends you to friends and colleagues? 

Joakim Thörn, co-founder, - A Customer Experience Transformation Company. 

Release of CRM Barometer Report 2018  

The CRM Barometer has for the 4th year asked Swedish companies how they work with CRM and customer interactions from several business critical perspectives such as Organization, Processes, Data & Analytics, Tech and Strategy. Find out what key priorities and challenges Customer Obsessed leaders in Sweden are facing. Compare you company with others in the CRM Barometer maturity model, and get advice on what actions to take next.

Charlotte Banning, CMO & Jenny Sondell, CRM Strategist, Wiraya

Coffee & Networking

Best practice: Vattenfall’s journey towards Customer Obsession

How does changed customer expectations affect innovation, co-creation, interaction and customer experience? Learn how Vattenfall is modernizing the business to meet the customers’ expectations. Recoordinate have worked together with Vattenfall to transform the culture, management and ways of working to ensure that Vattenfall stay on top of the game and at the same time move towards their mission of a fossil free world.

Christina Kilström, Nordic Director Customer Experience, Vattenfall.

Anders Grahn, Principal Consultant & Partner, Recoordinate

Panel discussion: How to keep up with increasing customer demands.

Joakim Thörn,

Fredrik Kihlberg, Managing Consultant, Customer strategy and Analytics, Avaus.

Mikael Samuelsson, CEO Sweden, Wunderman Nordics


Best practice: How Bixia uses brand tracking to form competitiveness

Energy providers are struggling with reduced margins and a more than ever competitive marketplace. Delivering real Customer Value has turned into a competitive advantage and relevant consumer insights are key to succeed. By tracking brand perception on existing customers Bixia has together with Relation & Brand been able to differentiate their offer and increase the customer experience. During this presentation you will learn more about the method Bixia uses for tracking customer’s rational and emotional brand perception.

Peter Janefjord, CRM Manager, Bixia.

Nichlas Spångberg, CEO, Relation & Brand.


Creating world-class analytics capabilities 

A new survey from Avaus shows only 15% of Nordic companies utilize advanced analytics. What capabilities are needed to transform data into actions that boost business performance? Just implementing new technology will not get far; success will depend on your analytics operating model, ways of working, as well as your people and skills.

Ola Ottosson, Head of Business Development Sweden, Avaus

Fredrik Kihlberg, Managing Consultant, Customer strategy and Analytics, Avaus

Level up! The journey behind creating Scandic’s new loyalty program

In 2016, Scandic realized that their loyalty program was no longer living up to Scandic’s customer’s expectations. Hear the story behind the design of a new loyalty program, how to get the whole organization across 7 countries onboard and orchestrating a launch that involved major digital development.

Alvin Argus, VP Loyalty & Partners, Scandic Hotels Group

Anna Sundin, Partner, Kaplan

How AI improves your customer interactions

According to a new study from Forrester, 79% of all market and CRM departments will use AI to optimize and personalize customer interactions throughout the customer journey in 2018. At the same time, it shows that most people lack the knowledge needed. In this presentation Erik gives advice on how to start using AI and where it might fit in with your customer interactions.

Erik Kurin, Product Manager, Wiraya

How to treat paid media as touchpoints in CRM to increase customer relevance and marketing performance

There is a radical shift happening in consumer expectations, which is leading brands to compete on customer experiences. To remain relevant, brands are looking for partners to help them transition to customer-led marketing. Instead of the traditional way of building media strategies around publishers and impressions brands can now take control based on customer data and experiences. We will show how we are converging owned and paid media around the customer journey to deliver connected customer experiences that drives business results.

Mikael Samuelsson, CEO Sweden, Wunderman Nordics

Coffee & Networking

Best practice: Our Way from Silos to Journeys – SAS Digital Marketing Transformation

The last two years, the business transformation agency Re: and Scandinavian Airlines have worked side by side, building strategy, data capabilities & new ways of working supporting SAS goal towards becoming a true personalization & omni-channel executer. Malin Nygren & Lena Pierre will share how SAS built a data-driven & customer-centric marketing organization creating business & customer value along the customer journey.

Malin Nygren, Head of Global Customer Development & Analytics, Scandinavian Airlines.

Lena Pierre, Partner & Transformation Consultant, Re: 

Keynote: Marry Customer Value with Increased Revenue to convince Top Management

Best practice from Nordnet. The winner of “Årets Bank 2017” visits Customer Obsession Day to share insights on how Customer Value together with a good understanding of your business model and revenue streams is the winning combination to move your business forward. Learn how to speak the language of top management and increase the likelihood of getting all stakeholders onboard!

Anders Danielsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Nordnet

15:25 Closing remarks

Networking Mingle

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