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How to boost customer consent

Still lack GDPR consent from your customers? Then it’s really time to take action.

Get customer consent wrong and, worst case, it could mean huge fines. As much as €20 million (or 4% of turnover – whichever is higher). Best case, it means losing touch with customers. (and to be honest, that doesn't sound very tempting either, right?)

A failure to get customer consent would mean losing contact with a huge chunk of your database. That means no relation building activities, no cross-sell, no upsell, no anti churn and no win back campaigns. Resulting in millions going down the drain.

But getting customer consent right is also about showing your customers you give a damn about their privacy – and you won’t cut corners when it comes to their data. Your attitude as it comes into effect could shape the way your business works for years to come.

What if we told you there is a way to collect consent in just 4 weeks?

This webinar we’ll show you how.

Please see the recording of the webinar below.


Charlotte Banning

VP Marketing, Charlotte is passionate about communication that delivers real customer value. She has an impressive background in both B2C and B2B and over 20 years experience in Telecommunication, Media and Marketing Technology.

Pål Bakken

Senior Business Advisor. Pål has an unique ability to solve the most business critical challenges when it comes to how large corporations interact with their customers. Pål is behind several successful GDPR campaigns and will share insights from past GDPR projects in this webinar.

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