Delivering market leading conversion rates across industries

Pre-packaged solutions for your challenges.

Most clients we work with have common challenges: to activate, engage and retain their large customer bases. 

Below are examples of industries where we have pre-packaged solutions that have given our clients immense value and unmatched conversion results. 

Online gaming

Many online gaming companies experience a challenge in converting new players to make their first deposit, or that a depositing client turns into a non-depositing client. Read more

Finance and Insurance

Many organizations within Insurance, Banking or Finance experience challenges in getting customers to pay an invoice or renew an insurance. Read more


Water utilities and the power sector are facing a variety of challenges e.g. to reduce customer churn Read more


Sometimes a customer book a trip but never settle the deposit. There may be several reasons why, but what happens if your customer doesn’t pay, despite reminders? Read more


Sometimes a customer doesn’t get started with your service. There may be several reasons why, but what happens if your customer doesn’t get started smoothly? Read more

Loyalty programs

It happens from time to time. Members in your loyalty programs get passive. What do you do when your customers don’t take wanted action? Read more

How much value can we create for your business? Try our Value Calculator!

We are proud to deliver great results to our customers through increased revenue and reduced costs. We truly value the positive feedback that users have given us. Yet what does our communication value mean for you? Try our calculator to see the results we could generate for you.


What is the value we can generate?

The result is based on historical data of live deployments using the Wiraya cloud. This value may vary depending on industry, communication challenge and service offered. If you would like a more detailed estimate we would be pleased to help.