The telecom industry is facing a number of challenges with the digital transformation, major technology shifts and rapid changes in customer needs. At the same time, operators are expected to be secure, transparent, innovative and constantly launch new services. Increased mobile usage and higher demands from customers have made complaints a major problem area for the industry.

A recent customer survey from Wiraya confirms the customer dissatisfaction. 44% of customers feel they receive worse service than new customers and 93% have no personal customer experiences.

Wiraya helps companies in their most challenging customer communication processes. With proven results. The secret? Wiraya Cloud - for tailored, real time customer communication.

Potential improvement areas for telecom:

  • Activate and welcome new customers - loyalty at the start of the customer journey 

  • Campaign communication - seasonal campaigns, birthdays etc.

  • Collect customer data and incomplete information 

  • Call reduction- reduce the number of support calls

  • Selling by service/ upsell 

  • Activate/ win back customers to direct debit

  • Customer retention - reduce churn and get customers to stay longer

  • Transformation to digital large-scale communication


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