How can you increase your revenues using customer communication?


The utilities and energy sector are facing a variety of challenges with new technologies, smart meter rollout, tighter environmental regulations, policies and changing customer preferences. It’s also creating a transformation in how we think about, produce and use utilities. And, in turn, it’s leading utility companies to rethink the future of their businesses to be able to retain customers and build loyalty. 

Wiraya helps companies in their most challenging customer communication processes. With proven results. The secret?

Use mobile customer activation to turbo charge your customer communication...



What are the areas where we can help your business?

  • Welcome processs

  • Meter reading notifications

  • Installation appointment confirmation 

  • Delivery Information 

  • User instruction for smart meters

  • Collection of customer data

  • Upsell opportunities 

  • Email collection



How can you master the welcome process?


How do you turn missed payments into greater loyalty?

What's the secret behind the success?

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