How are Unibet reactivating passive players


 How are Agria Insurance reactivating passive customers?



The challenge of reactivating with players in iGaming


Marketing leaders need to change their approach



Top  5 tips for communicating with your customers?


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Accessing the bombarded customer

Do you know how your customers like to be communicated with? Find out in our latest report.

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CRM Barometer 2017

Do you know how to maximise value from your approach to CRM?

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How to satisfy the craving for insurance personalization

Effective ways to deliver tailored customer experiences

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The Customer Experience is at the Heart of Digital Transformation

A Spotlight on Insurance.

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Explosion in Artificial Intelligence: 5 Insights from NIPS

Ather Gattami, Chief Data Scientist at Wiraya is trendspotting at NIPS 2016 conference in Barcelona

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