Report: CRM Barometer UK

Do you know how to maximise value from your approach to CRM?

Effective use of CRM will be key to any business looking to streamline operations and maximise revenue. This report clearly identifies the importance of measuring the profitability of your approach, yet in spite of this, the results indicate that many still haven’t established clear goals, and that only one in Ive reached the set objectives. This report suggests the value of a CRM focus now interjects across a range of business functions, in which personalised and relevant communications with your customers is key. 

CRM is perceived as a key business driver for over 30% of businesses, yet many lack the clear direction and customer insight to support their goals and create direct profitability for their business.

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Key findings

  • Businesses that lead the way view CRM as business critical taking a company-wide focus on the value that CRM creates.

  • A more developed CRM approach clearly increases profitability. 

  • Almost half (47%) of respondents cited the improvement of customer satisfaction as top of their business agenda.

  • The increasing prominence of technologies such as IoT and AI will go that extra mile to help companies dynamically fine-tune their interaction with the customer.

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