Report: Accessing the bombarded consumer

Do you know how your customers like to be communicated with? 

In this digital age, we’re more exposed to brand messages than ever before. Brands are losing sight of the fundamentals of customer value. Email, phone, text, messaging apps, social platforms, traditional mail – there are so many communication channels that brands are over messaging and customers are switching off.

In order to understand these issues in more detail, Wiraya questioned 500 consumers in the U.K. who left their bank, energy, mobile or insurance provider in the last six months. The report reflects their reasons for leaving and investigates how brands could have cultivated greater brand loyalty.

Download the report below to find out more. 

Key findings

  • A major issue for many businesses is how to cut through the noise

  • 17% of the consumers said they never received relevant info

  • The findings clearly indicate that customers want brands to communicate

  • Brands need to gain trust and deliver personalised experiences

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Consumer report 2016

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