CX is make or break- 4 steps to customer experience success


About the webinar

Did you know that 80% of your company's future revenue comes from 20% of your existing customers? In fact, by working more customer focused you can increase your revenue by 10%.

The data is conclusive. It’s easier, cheaper and more profitable to increase revenues from existing customers than it is to sell to new people. So obviously that’s where everyone is spending their marketing budgets, right?

Not even close…

Today’s customers are smart, connected, web-savvy, and fickle as hell. The battle of consumer’s attention is fierce, and the stakes are too high, to get away with delivering a mediocre experience. 71% of customers cite the main reason they’ve ditched a company as ”poor customer experience (CX)”, and a further 52% go on to tell friends about it.

So how do you tackle the single biggest mistake in CX?

Find out more in our webinar! In 20 minutes, we will answer some of your question marks.

>  How do you get your customers attention?

>  How do you get your customers to make an action?

> How can you use data in every communication?

>  How can you personalize the message?

(This webinar is for marketers who want to turbo-charge their CX and customer-facing leaders who want fans for life) 


Charlotte Banning - VP Marketing

Edward Maine

Marketing Director

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