How did BMW's leading brand Alphabet inspire customers to download their latest mobile app?

The Challenge: To quickly transfer customers to a mobile application

Alphabet's new mobile app AlphaGuide contains a range of smart features designed to simplify everyday life for the customer and improve their driving experience. Of course, Alphabet would effectively communicate the benefits of the new app. But how can you effectively get thousands of customers to listen to an important message and act directly?

How did Alphabet manage to get more customers to use the new app?

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"Wiraya enabled us to quickly and personally inform our customers about our new mobile app AlphaGuide. The performance was extremely much better than we expected with up to nearly a thousand downloads in a month. With the app, we offer our customers better service and with that, much greater customer satisfaction than before. "

Thomas Skärgård, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Alphabet Fleet Services

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