How BetIt Group successfully increased depositing clients with an amazing ROI - by delivering a service to the player with perfect timing

BetIt Group founded 2013, is the fastest growing iGaming company to date, including 3 brands, Thrills, SuperLenny and Kaboo.


To get more depositing players throughout the player lifecycle

As many other iGaming companies, BetIt Group experienced a challenge converting NRCs to NDCs and to turn passive players to depositing players. There may be several reasons why a player doesn’t deposit but the question is how to encourage the player to become active again. BetIt Group got in contact with Wiraya and needed help to activate and retain players that didn't act on traditional communication like SMS and email. They also wanted to overcome obstacles around data quality of mobile numbers for the communication, and reduce the amount of inaccurate information.

“Wiraya has provided a truly unique insight in this cost efficient and innovative customer communication. Campaign uptake and ROI has consistently proven to increase and Wiraya has proven to be very proactive in providing campaign follow ups, optimization suggestions and creative input. Wiraya’s commitment to quality communication has been consistent throughout the cooperation and we have successfully increased depositing clients in several challenging processes in all markets. On top of that, Wiraya has reduced our SMS costs and improved our data quality drastically.”


Cost efficient and innovative customer communication with a fantastic ROI

BetIt Group sees an increase in the number of active and depositing players after the automated communication program from Wiraya. The result exceeded all expectations. The communication has also proven to be appreciated by the players getting the automated voice programs. On top of this BetIt Group has also started to use Wiraya for their SMS communication and Number Cleaner to improve data quality which has led to even better ROI on the Wiraya project. In conclusion, the solutions from Wiraya, not only gives an outstanding ROI, but it also keeps the company top of mind with customers.  

Thanks to the great results, BetIt Group are now using the solutions from Wiraya on all markets that they are active in. All in all, Wiraya has proved to be a strong supplier for iGaming with a service that every gaming company could benefit from.


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