How to get a passive player back to a depositing client

How can you encourage players to become active again, without being to pushy and risk a customer relationship?

The Client: NordicBet is a well known gaming company, attracting customers from all over the world. Its main focus is to offer world class possibilities to bet on Nordic and European sports. Since 2012 NordicBet is part of Betsson Group.


Turn passive clients into depositing clients

Prospecting new players cost millions and if you loose depositing clients your investments could be wasted. Many gaming companies experience a challenge to turn passive clients into depositing clients. There may be several reasons why the players don’t deposit, but what happens if they don’t make an action, despite reminders? NordicBet wanted to achieve higher customer loyalty and thereby reduce churn. The challenge was to retain customers, that don’t act on traditional communication, and encourage them to make deposits.


35% made a deposit!

NordicBet sees an increase in the number of active players (22% reactivated) as well as increased deposits (35% of the reactivated players). The communication has also proven to be appreciated by receivers.

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