How to reach the passive members of your loyalty schemes?

SAS Eurobonus: How to reactivate a passive customer that doesn’t act on traditional communication?

Read about how we reactivated 18% of loyalty scheme members for SAS.

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Reactivate passive members

Passive customers will sooner or later churn. For this reason it’s important to always make sure a high activity amongst members. Our challenge was to reactivate passive customers that hadn’t acted on traditional communication.

Nils Lindhe SAS Eurobonus

”To activate passive members is both difficult and expensive. We were positively surprised when we evaluated the activity with Wiraya. The conversion rate was tremendously high compared to previous activities. It’s easy to get increased revenues with Wiraya. We have found several new areas where we can use Wiraya in our customer communication.”

– Nils Lindhe, Head of Eurobonus, SAS


By using the smart multi-channel strategy we reactivated 18% of the passive members. The previous activity had a reactivation of 2%.

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