How does Skandia digitalise their customer communications and collate accurate email addresses from customers?

The Challenge: Collecting accurate e-mail addresses for digital communication

The value of communicating digitally with customers at large scale is ever increasing. However, for businesses across industries, it's proving really challenging to provide and maintain accurate customer records. Users regularly change email accounts, fail to provide up to date information, or simply give inaccurate details. A missing email address can result in both lost revenue and high contact costs for your business. For customers they risk missing out on important or valuable information. But how do you efficiently collect email addresses from customers?

"Fast and smooth for customers"


    "Wiraya enabled a process for email collection that was fast and smooth for our customers. Together we managed to get 27% of the target group to provide accurate email addresses. This is a great result and we are pleased that we have found an additional channel that helps us to communicate digitally in an automated way. This will improve the user experience when using Skandia.” 

Patrick Fägerblad, CRM Specialist - Tactical CRM at Skandia

So how did Skandia achieve 27% conversion of new email addresses compared to the 3% industry average?

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