Mobile Customer Activation

- Plug the Customer Activation Gap

It’s the last mile of customer communications and it’s where millions in profits go to die.

You’ve used your marketing capabilities to attract thousands of customers. Now they’re in, you need to inspire them to contribute to your most valuable KPIs. That means communicating with them. 

But every time a communication misfires and somebody doesn’t activate their account, or make their first purchase, or defects to a competitor, or forgets to pay their bill – all of that is money lost. The Customer Activation Gap is one that needs plugging. Fast.

To do it, you need a way to reach hundreds of thousands of individual customers with personal, timely, relevant messages that you know will get them converting.

The solution? We call it Mobile Customer Activation, and it changes everything.


Mobile Customer Activation at a glance

  • Blends voice, text and mobile messaging adapted to each individual
  • Uses data and artificial intelligence to optimize when, what and how to communicate with each individual
  • Generates bespoke content and offers that convert because customers trust them
  • Learns from interactions in real time to continuously improve customer lifetime value and loyalty

Wiraya dashboard

Wiraya powered by AI

Ready to unlock the potential of your data and create hyper-personalized customer communication?

Wiraya AI uses the latest breakthroughs in machine learning technology to make sure that the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right channel.

This is done while at the same time optimizing against real conversion data. Wiraya AI learns and adapts over time, meaning, the more you use the product, the better it will be at predicting and executing the best next communication action.

No more guessing, but instead letting data lead the way.

Trusted by leading brands

Return on Customer Activation

Grow CLV, keep your customers longer and grow your revenues faster

Whether you want to onboard your customers, reduce churn, or move to digital large scale communication, Wiraya is here to help.

How do we secure your success?

Wiraya isn't just another empty tool like others in your marketing stack. We are a fully managed software. What does this mean for you? Our customer success team will be dedicated to turbo-charge your communication and delivering to proven ROI.

Just relax, and watch your conversion rates and revenues grow. 



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