To succeed at large scale, communication needs to be automated while staying human.

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Every customer is unique and behaves differently, still each of them expects a personalized treatment from you. So how do you communicate with millions of customers like they are one in a million?

Wiraya offers individual and optimized customer communications to each customer through the use of Wiraya Cloud - a fully featured Real-time Customer Dialogue platform targeting your most challenging communication processes. Wiraya Cloud supports any type of communication flow and has the ability to trigger communication in any channel.

Real-time Interaction

The most successful communication is both personal and individual. However to deliver the message in the most powerful way you need to interact with the customer in real-time. This is exactly what Wiraya Cloud does, uniquely for every customer at every communication occasion.

Data & Insights

Without data we are lost. Wiraya Cloud has the data and make use of it to set the best initial parameter values for your communication programs. Insights will make the communication implementation better with each iteration.

Multi-channel Communication

At Wiraya we base our knowledge on data and experience. This have shown us that communication leveraging a combination of channels is the most effective. Wiraya Cloud will chose right channels and combine them in the best way.

Communication with Impact

Activate. Activate your new customers & secure long term relationships.

Engage. Keep your customers in the know with maximal reach.

Retain. Make your most valuable customers stay and increase their loyalty by rocking their world.

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Many companies struggle when it comes to collecting and analyzing data, Wiraya Cloud makes this task achievable with both canned and custom automatic reports. So stop guessing, start using data and make insightful decisions. Wiraya Cloud empowers you to show the real value of your customer communication.

Wiraya Dashboard - Proven ROI at your fingertips

Almost every cloud service comes with a dashboard, and so does Wiraya Cloud. However, our dashboard is different. The Wiraya Dashboard will show you in real-time the value generated for you from using Wiraya Cloud.

The dashboard is based on validated return on investment calculations in combination with communication data. Our Customer Success team will make sure that the industry-level templates are tailored to the specifics of your company. The data is not only highlighted on the dashboard, it's also fed to our algorithms to optimize the conversions for your communication programs over time.

We take pride in showing you the actual generated value, because we know you will love what you see!


Ready to adapt

Measure & Optimize

At Wiraya we believe in data, rather than going with our gut feel. By utilizing the power of agile customer communication development in the form of A/B and multivariate testing Wiraya Cloud will act and adapt to the real-time data stream from active communication programs. The Wiraya Cockpit will give you access to see the performance of your communication programs as it happens.

Wiraya Cloud lets you test, pivot, respond and scale!

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Since you probably have several applications in your marketing technology mix, we have made sure Wiraya Cloud is easy to integrate with. We offer multiple ways of integration, both for importing data into the Cloud as well as for exporting the results for further processing. With our integration options we offer you the possibility to close the data loop of your customer communication.

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