Inspire the desired action from your customers

Wiraya helps companies activate and engage their customers at critical moments of the customer lifecycle.

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Automated customer interactions

The only scalable, non-intrusive way to get through to your customers while maintaining a human touch.

1. Industry expertise and experience

With a hundred million interactions made...

We configure a sophisticated communication flow on the Wiraya platform. Designed for the specific customer lifecycle moment in order to engage and activate your customers.

Don’t worry, we write all the copy – from SMS copy and landing page copy to voice scripts. We also take care of the studio recording and provide you with a professional voice actor – in the language of your choice.

Feature highlights: Communication Journey Builder, Multichannel Delivery

2. Your data is safe with us

Secure data transfer

The targeted segment is securely transferred to Wiraya through API or SFTP. Your data is kept safe and Wiraya is fully GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our automated procedures make sure to remove any PII data after a set retention period.


Feature highlights: Restful API, sFTP, Push & Pull

3. The power of voice

Cut through the noise and inspire the desired action from your customers

With the power of voice, Wiraya executes a non-intrusive customer interaction through pre-recorded voice calls, text messages and landing pages. With tonality, varied accentuation and sound, strengthen your message and how it will be perceived. This helps you to cut through the noise and inspire the desired action from your customers, leading to high conversion and increased customer lifetime value.

Feature highlights: Automated Voice, SMS, Landing pages

4. Maximise engagement and conversion

A personalised customer experience at scale

The Wiraya platform executes the communication automatically and monitors when your customer segment is most responsive to interaction. Then the platform adapts the customer experience based on your customers’ actions. This will ensure that the communication is optimised and matched with your customers behaviour to maximise engagement and conversion.

Feature highlights: A/B testing, Machine learning, Personalisation

5. View the results of your communication

Performance optimization, results and ROI

Wiraya is able to optimise and tweak the communication based on performance data to enhance the conversion rates over time.
You will see the results, both in the Wiraya reporting and on the bottom line!

Feature highlights: Conversion Tracking, Real-time dashboard, Reporting Insights



Wiraya comes packed with the features needed to create automated behaviour-changing communication that is tailored to give maximum output in key business challenges.

  • Restful API
  • sFTP – Automatic Push & Pull file drop
  • Pre-built Integrations
  • Communication Call Backs

Check out the developer reference section, click here!

  • VOICE – Automated voice calls
  • TEXT – One Way and Two-way SMS
  • WEB – Landing Pages
  • Alphanumeric sender
  • Local numbers
  • Virtual Long Numbers (VLN)
  • Short Numbers with Codes
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Key choices
  • Opt-out handling
  • Automated voice call transfers
  • A/B Communication Testing with Control Groups
  • Machine Learning
  • Link tracking
  • Channel Hand-off
  • Conversion tracking
  • Personalization in Voice and Text
  • Number cleaning
  • Visual communication journey builder
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Reporting insights
  • Ad-hoc SMS sender (single and bulk)

Industry-leading support in combination with enterprise-grade SLA, you can feel at ease knowing that we’ve got your back 24/7/365.


Integrate with your tech stack

You probably already have several applications in your marketing tech stack, therefore we have made Wiraya dead simple to integrate with. Whether it’s CRM, Marketing Automation, or a data lake, Wiraya is designed to be a part of your current ecosystem.

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