Automated customer interactions

Uses data and AI to generate and send the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging.

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With hundred millions interactions made and with sophisticated algorithms, Wiraya predicts, reacts and changes the communication on the fly to inspire action from your customers.

  • Blends voice, text and mobile messaging adapted to each individual

  • Generates bespoke content and offers that convert

  • Uses data and artificial intelligence to optimize when, what and how to communicate with each individual

  • Learns from interactions in real time to continuously improve customer lifetime value and loyalty


Make each customer interaction personalised and scalable with AI

Wiraya uses a combination of your and our data to match customer profiles with communication journeys for a truly personalised experience. Machine learning is applied to make the optimum selection of timing, content, channels and delivery for each profile.


This and more at your fingertips

Wiraya comes packed with the features needed to create automated behavior-changing communication that is tailored to give maximum output in key business challenges.

Data, Insights & Optimizations

Uses data and insights in combination with Machine Learning to optimise the communication for the best possible result.

Interactivity & Personalisation

Wiraya listens to customer feedback in real-time, adjusting messages to suit each persons preferences on the fly.


Dashboard & Reports

Quickly understand the results that Wiraya generates. Feedback to your CRM to get a full 360-degrees view of your customers.

Support & SLA

Industry-leading support in combination with enterprise-grade SLA, you can feel at ease knowing that we’ve got your back 24/7/365.

Multichannel communication

A mix of multiple channels; voice, text & landing pages guarantees a broad reach and simplifies immediate action.

Voice & Text

A unique combination of automated voice and text to make communication more humanlike and maximize the conversions.


Integrate with your tech stack

You probably already have several applications in your marketing tech stack, therefore we have made Wiraya dead simple to integrate with. Whether it’s CRM, Marketing Automation, or a data lake, Wiraya is designed to be a part of your current ecosystem.

Want to dig into the details to find out how you can integrate? Just follow the link below!

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"With Wiraya we get more customers up and running with their new DNB card, by communicating the right message, on time, automatically. We offer our customers better service and, with that, greater customer satisfaction. Wiraya is supporting us in several parts of the customer journey and we are delighted by the good conversion rates, an increase of 98% compared to previous methods. "

Madeleine Haglund Head of Team Marketing & CRM

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