How can you inspire retail players to provide data to your business?

Activate Your Retail Players

Challenge: While the the lifetime value of retail players is typically high, operators simply don’t know who their retails customers are, and what kind preferences they have. With such limited data, the potential for effective cross selling is reduced. It remains incredibly hard to understand the player profiles, segment these customers effectively, and the cross sell to these players towards online products.

Solution: Leading operators in the industry are now using Wiraya to specifically target retail players. As many brands look to use membership and loyalty cards to incentivise retail players, inspiring customers to take action is key. If a player  fails to activate a card after a set period of time, the Wiraya solution is automatically triggered. Combining a voice, text and a gamification experience, operators can deliver a clear card activation message, that highlights the benefits of completing the process and a simple link that enables players to activate their membership cards.

Why is this approach so effective?
1. Delivers a significant increase in card activations
2. Enables operators to provide a personalized retail experience for players
3. Enables operators to effectively cross-sell retail players with online offers
4. Tailored communication content creates a consistent brand experience across channels

The Results?

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