Martech Report 2017

Leading marketing managers give their views on the value of marketing technology

The importance of Martech (Marketing Technology) has grown rapdily in the last 12 months, and the latest technology gives today’s marketers completely new opportunities for digital, automated and data-driven communications. But the latest technology also places demands on the marketing department’s working methods in terms of strategy, organization, processes and, in particular, the handling of customer data.

Today, there are many reports that deal with the challenges and opportunities of martech but there is no study that addresses the market with real life insight from leading marketing managers, highlighting the real inhibitiors and oppurtunities that Martech currently presents.

The results have been compiled the report below. Key insights include:

  • Lack of analysts is a major problem for most companies. They are needed to process, analyze and recommend how to act on all customer data.
  • Marketing creates the strategy but integrating tech is key to performance.
  • Leading businesses are now moving from a siloed approach.
  • All business functions should focus on the end-to-end customer journey.
  • The most important factor for success in martech is a clear strategy, transformed throughout the organization, not just marketing.

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