Martech Report 2019

How are CMO’s working with Marketing Technology in 2019?

The implementation of Martech shows no signs of slowing down. The CMO seems to have full support from the CEO to continue the investments thanks to it’s proven value of meeting consumers’ changed behaviours and the opportunities it provides for automating and personalizing customer interactions throughout the customer journey.

The Martech report is based on a quantitative survey and interviews in Northern Europe. It’s done by Wiraya, Odyssey, CMO goes Tech and SWEDMA – all of which represent different parts of a growing martech community. The purpose is to increase knowledge in the martech area, but also create a forum for discussing issues and challenges, as well as giving advice and support.

Get insights on:

  • How Northern European CMOs are working with martech
  • How to get the best results from your martech investments
  • Get insights and valuble tools to succeed in martech

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