How did Black Type use their brand ambassador to activate players?

Success Story

Black Type is an online UK bookmaker licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to offer sports betting and gaming. Black Type launched in late August 2016 to exploit a clear gap in the UK market with an odds focussed and customer friendly approach. Black Type offers good prices, fair limits and varied betting opportunities to their customers through an easy-to-use interface.

The Challenge

Get loyal players by activating new customers and reactive passive players

As a premium brand, Black Type wanted to ensure that their customers received a high-quality experience from the start and throughout the players’ lifecycle. At the same time, it was important to significantly increase first deposits. Unlike competitors using costly and ineffective traditional marketing methods, like email and telemarketing, Black Type decided to take a new approach. With Wiraya, players received a mix of service messaging and free bets, all aimed at sending the right activation message, at the right time, using channels they trust. Automatically.

"As a premium brand we have always been focused on building a loyal customer base and by using Wiraya we feel we can take this to the next level. I am confident this will not only ensure even greater long term loyalty with Black Type, but will also bring back passive players to the brand and help newly registered customers. "

David Preece Head of Media and Communications at Black Type


With Wiraya Mobile Customer Activation, 90% of the target audience was reached and 29% converted by taking an action on the call.

How did Black Type achieve 29% conversion?

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