How did DNB increase customer payments with customer communication?

Success Story

DNB is one of the leading Nordic players in banking, finance and insurance. In the Swedish market, DNB offers most services and products to medium and large companies and institutions. For private customers, DNB, through partners, offers credit cards, car loans and a wide range of funds.


Reduce missed payments while improving customer experience

Missed payments not only mean lost revenues and penalties in the short term, but overly aggressive reminders can also compromise the customer relationship in the long term.

"With Wiraya, we can tackle the challenge of really reaching out with important customer information. We can now help more customers to quickly pay their missed invoices. Customers also appreciate getting a personalized service, and we at DNB are positively surprised by the good conversion. With Wiraya, we get 77% more paid invoices compared to the previous postage reminder."

Johan Ernow Head of Debt Collection, DNB Finance


With Wiraya Mobile Customer Activation, 90% of the target audience was reached and 46% choose to act directly on the phone. To DNB's delight 77% more customers chose to pay their invoice within one week compared to the control group that only received a postal reminder.

How did DNB increase payments from customers by 77%?

DNB success story

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