How DNB successfully activated more customers than ever

With Wiraya we get more customers up and running with their new DNB card, by communicating the right message, on time, automatically. We offer our customers better service and, with that, greater customer satisfaction. Wiraya is supporting us in several part of our customer journey and we are delighted by the good conversationrates, an increase of 98% compared to previous methods. At last, we found a good process to get more active customers!

Madeleine Haglund

Head of Team Marketing & CRM DNB Card, Sweden

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Increase card activations from new customers while targeting passive current customers

You have just attracted new customers to your debit or credit card and your welcome process has been activated to ensure a smooth activation process for the customer. New cards have been sent out, and then, nothing happens. Inactive customers not only mean reduced revenues for business, but also increase the risk of consumers moving to other brands in the long term. On top of that it has become increasingly difficult to reach out to consumers in their busy lives and it’s key to make it dead simple for customers to do what is asked of them. DNB wanted to focus on expediting the activation process, an area which they had identified as key to keeping customers committed to the DNB brand. To achieve this, delivering a smooth and truly personalised approach for customers was critical.