How Volkswagen Financial Services inspire actions from customers

Success Story

Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest car maker in Europe. Volkswagen Financial Services is a business division of the Volkswagen Group. The company coordinates the leasing, insurance, service and mobility business.


Increase car renewals

It’s incredibly hard to get customers to act, and the conversion rates of traditional communication like emails and mails are too low. So what can you do?

To achieve more conversions, delivering a smooth and truly personalised approach for customers is key to reach through the clutter. Volkswagen Financial Services wanted to focus on the contract renewal process, an area that they had identified as critical to increase CLV and keeping customers committed to the Volkswagen brand.

"Using Wiraya has proven to significantly increase the conversion of leasing renewals resulting in increased customer lifetime value. But more importantly, by using personalised landing pages that integrate with our existing CRM tools, it gives us the customer data we need to be able to create relevant customer interactions across the entire customer journey"

Jenny Mossberg CRM Manager


As a result of this new communication approach, Volkswagen Group sees a significant increase of car renewals. The communication reached 90% of the target group with 60% of the customers choosing to act directly on the phone. Thanks to Wiraya, Volkswagen Group managed to get a conversion rate of 12%. That’s a great result!

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