How did Telia reduce churn by taking care of the customer journey?

Success Story

Telia is Sweden’s largest telecom operator, both regarding customers and revenue.  Telia helps millions of people and companies to communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way, by offering networking and telecommunication services. Telia describe themselves as being a next-generation telecom company with passion for customer obsession.


Find an efficient welcoming process for customers that build a long lasting relationship.

Mobile operators lose massive amounts of customers every year, as customers easily switch between suppliers if they’re not satisfied. Telia wanted to efficiently welcome new customers and get them started in order to decrease churn. They found that the first 100 days are critical in order to get loyal and satisfied customers. But how do you help the customers to get started, on their terms, without being too pushy?

"We got 50% conversion rates with Wiraya and 30% chose to instantly speak to our agents. That’s a fantastic result, and we are happy to have found an efficient, automated process to welcome and motivate our new customers."


Amazing 60% answered the Wiraya call. The goal was that 20% of the customers would choose to speak to customer service, but 50% actually did. Thanks to Wiraya, Telia manages to increase cross and upsell by 40%.

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