Engage with your customers

Smooth customer interactions at key moments boost CLV and customer experience

How it works

Use Wiraya when you want to...

Give a smooth delivery – First impressions stick. Welcome and inform your customers.

Collect data – Quick and easy to complete customer data.

Be GDPR compliant – Collect consent from your customers.

Digital payments – Make life easier for your customers. Convert them to direct debit or e-invoice.

Retain – Proactive interactions to reduce churn. Keep customer from defecting.

"With Wiraya's mobile communication, we can efficiently help new customers to get started and get more customers to renew their electricity policy when moving - by communicating the right message at the right time automatically. Wiraya supports us in several parts of the customer journey and we are delighted by the good results. We have already identified additional uses for Wiraya's solution. "

Sanna Lundström Head of Customer Development AO Market at Skellefteå Kraft

Energy companies are losing revenues every day, yet it’s totally unnecessary

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How can you master the welcome process?

The first impression is always important in relationships, not to mention long distance ones. To build strong customer relationships over time, it is crucial to make sure new customers are satisfied and feel welcome. You can easily prevent churn early in the customer journey, by reaching out and welcoming customers and confirm their choice.

What's the secret behind the success?

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